March 4, 2016

About Us

Words Have Impact (WHI) started as a single struggling grad student who was fed up with academic life (and pay), and who thought he could cover his bills by helping companies with their blogs.

Today, WHI has a portfolio ranging from taglines and radio spots to white papers, thought leadership articles, and marketing consulting services. We serve companies ranging from one-person start-ups all the way to large corporate clients, as well as non-profits and traditional marketing agencies.

Our core, however, is firmly rooted in our humble beginning: great content. We believe that content should be understandable, memorable, and actionable.  To make sure that happens, we go beyond just crafting sentences and correcting grammar; our best work is done when we partner with companies to help them form a content strategy and stretch their thinking.

If you’re curious about some examples of what that looks like, check out our portfolio. And if you want other interesting facts about us, fill out our contact form. We dare you.