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Infoplus Blog and Thought Leadership

Start-up Infoplus wanted to hit the ground running with a full-fledged blog, white papers, a case study, and more. The company’s software helps organizations manage their inventory, warehousing, and logistics in-house and specifically targets businesses for whom enterprise solutions are too big or too expensive. The relationship started with with a writing blitz to get[…]


Uptime Insights Blog (and Thought Leadership for Maintenance and Procurement)

A large industrial supply company wanted a content venue to talk about multiple topics, including MRO, supply chain, factory best practices, and more. Along with Traffic-prm, I came up with the central idea of resilient manufacturing: manufacturing best practices that were not just lean or green, but also best able to avoid disasters, maintenance issues, and[…]

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GiftBridge Web Site

With ACI’s new product launch came a new web site, and the need for content. Importantly, the website was going to set the “voice” for GiftBridge– that is, the style and tone of the site was going to set the style and tone for all future marketing materials. So we had to get this right.[…]